DunansCastle.tv bringing the restoration alive!

Regular updates from the restoration of the famous ruined castle, bridge and grounds in Argyll, with Charles Dixon-Spain, project manager and owner. Follow Charles and the team as they battle to bring back into use one of Argyll’s Lost Mansions. To support the project, please visit Scottishlaird.com where decorative titles, merchandise and more information is available.

Charles introduces Lairds and Ladies to their titles and what they can expect when visiting Dunans!
The next stage in the works at the castle!

A couple of amusant bouches from the Walking Theatre Company to whet your appetite for a project now in development for our Lairds and Ladies! More available here.

Lovely moment of discovery caught on camera … as well as a resting butterfly!
Fabulous Aerial Shot of Dunans Castle!

Time lapse of building the temporary roof at Dunans.
March 2020 Newsletter
Short report for February’s Newsletter!
December Newsletter, wherein the Laird walks you through the cleared castle

Redbox in the castle – nice looping shot